Dr. Ayman El-Attar comments about Skogen:

"I highly recommend Skogen for a daily anti-aging skincare routine. The high-quality ingredients result in noticeable improvements after only a few weeks of use. Our clinic proudly carries Skogen products and our patients are very happy with the results."

More information about Dr. Ayman El-Attar:

Derma Laser Center of New Jersey was founded by Dr. Ayman El-Attar, FASLMS, FAAFP, AAACS, in Mercerville, New Jersey in October 2002.

Dr. Ayman El-Attar is the President of American Aesthetic Association. He has taught physicians both in the USA and internationally about recent advances in aesthetic medicine and surgery. Visit for more information.

He graduated from Alexandria Medical School with honors in 1987. He completed residencies in both General Surgery and Family Medicine and obtained a Masters Degree of surgery in 1992. He was an assistant lecturer of Surgery at Alexandria University and a visiting instructor of Surgery at the Medical College of Ohio. He then finalized his Ph.D. thesis in 1998.He has several publications in the most reputable medical and surgical journals.

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Also make sure to visit Dr. El-Attar’s website, their website and in particular their clinics are well worth visiting if you want to do some high performing skincare treatments. Dr. El-Attar and his staff provides excellent service and very high-level professional skincare treatments.