Our origin

Based in New York and Stockholm, the industry leaders at Skogen Cosmetics have over a decade of extensive manufacturing experience in the beauty industry.

The journey started by manufacturing luxury-grade cosmetic products for high-end private label brands. After years of manufacturing great products around the world for our clients, we realized that we could create the absolute finest beauty products ourselves. Our philosophy has always been that it is possible to create elegant luxury products that are healthy and environmentally-friendly at the same time.

Our strong belief in healthy living and great admiration for nature and its ability to heal itself led to the creation of the Skogen brand. ”Skogen” in Swedish means ”forest,” which is where we get the inspiration for our ingredients. For this reason, all Skogen products are as environmentally-friendly as possible. 

Skogen makes you feel brilliant and extraordinary, hence why we source only the finest ingredients from nature. From the moment you purchase your Skogen product, you are entering a healthier and more luxurious way of life—that's the Skogen way.